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What happened to the old LufWiki?


Basically, it fell into disrepair. I was unable to continue it maintenance and we didn't find a suitable replacement. This site may not fail as badly since I have the [pbwiki.com|PBWiki] staff for basic site mainenance and upgrades.


What are the goals of this LufWiki?


I don't intend to rebuild all of the old LufWiki here. Since we don't have full access here, there will be less application building and more content development and editing. Also, sections like the GIG are better left to the WikiPedia and A9. I will import some material from the archives as it makes sense to do so manually. More detailed goals will be fleshed out later on the FrontPage.


How can I help?


Once I have the basics laid out, I'll alert luf-website and luf-team and give them access to further develop the site.


What about the other LUF.org wannabes?


I don't intend this to become the new LUF.org the way that the old LufWiki had. This is basically an LUF member site. Perhaps the main site once it is set up will link here. Besides, I think that as many members that can create LUF websites should create their own. If one of these meets the needs of the organization, then it can be promoted to the top spot. If not, it will continue to play a vital and supportive role to the main site.

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