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The Living Universe Foundation seeks to bring the galaxy alive with life from Earth, while healing the damage that humanity has already inflicted upon the Earth. We believe that expansion into space in the immediate future is a step towards accomplishing this aim.


Incredible riches in the form of energy and minerals lie in space where there are no ecosystems to be disturbed in using them. The Earth currently receives only 1 billionth of the available energy provided by the sun. The asteroids in our solar system alone hold readily available minerals that dwarf those available on Earth.


If we are to relieve the burden that we've placed on Mother Earth, we must find alternative sources of minerals and energy. Only then can we use these new found resources to propel humankind to the stars, and to also heal the Earth.


The role of the Living Universe Foundation is to work towards the implementation of this vision by whatever means possible. Books such as The Millennial Project by Marshall Savage, and Mining the Sky by John Lewis show how even with the technology envisioned in the Early Twenty-First century, these goals can be achieved.


If you feel space is the future of humanity and it is our duty to be good custodians of the Earth in the process, then the LUF is where you belong.


The means are at your disposal to participate in the greatest adventure of all time.

Explore the LUF Web site for more in-depth information.


And if you agree, roll up your sleeves and join in.

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